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Start Supporting Your Pet’s Wellbeing With the HealAdvisor Animal Module

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Designed to Promote Calmness and Provide Inner Strength for Your Pet

Many people consider their animals to be among the best friends in their life. We always want only the best for our animal, we want to care for and protect it. But in everyday life it may be exposed to many negative influences: Environmental conditions and manifestations of aging can impair its quality of life and vitality. The Healy for Animals product range helps you to support your pet’s wellbeing.

What is the HealAdvisor Animal Module?

Microcurrent applications have been used on animals for decades. The HealAdvisor Animal module contains the 12 most popular Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs for animals.

What Healy IMF Programs Can Do for Your Pet

To help you decide which Healy IMF program is appropriate for your animal, the Animal module of the HealAdvisor App will guide you step by step. The HealAdvisor Animal module is designed to harmonize your animal’s Bioenergetic Field in a simple, versatile and holistic way.

The Animal Kit

The Animal Kit contains all the accessories you need for applying the Healy IMF animal programs and contains silicone electrodes that are inserted into moistened applicator sponges and attached to the animal with elastic straps or belts.