Healy Provides Support in So Many Areas of Your Life

Frequencies can assist so many areas of your life

  • Want more Energy and Inner Balance?
  • Want to Strengthen your Immune System?
  • Want to Balance or Activate your Metabolism?
  • Looking for Pain Relief?
  • Want great Sleep and balanced Nerves?

Healy offers you applications to help you stay fit, and bio energetically regenerate and reduce pain. It is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily, and find peace in the evening.

Pain/Local Stimulation

Relieves pain felt locally, in Joints, head, & mouth promotes sleep, mental balance and releases stress.

Meridians 1 & 2

Energetic Support for Allergies, connective tissue, bladder, large intestine, small intestine, gallbladder, fatty degeneration, joints, skin, heart. Promotes the bioenergetic balance of your organs and balances disturbances in your energy field – Liver, Hormones, Kidney, Spleen, Pancreas, Nerves, blood circulation and Lymphatics.


Helps you focus, concentrate, and retain information when doing exams or learning new skills. Supports the reduction of stress and retention of memory.

Skin & Beauty

Bioenergetically supports your inner and outer beauty, nails, hair and skin. Support for Wounds and Scar tissue, and supports the cells through local stimulation.

Gold Cycle

Designed to help you feel fit and balanced and recover from the bioenergetic effects of environmental factors, Strengthens your energy field to help you remain centred during life‘s turmoil, boost your energy and performance, releases pain and promotes relaxation

Mental Balance

Aims to support you in regaining emotional & mental balance, self-confidence, emotional wellbeing, contentment, avoidance of addictive behaviours, positive thinking, psychic wholeness.


Helps promote better rest and sounder sleep through relaxation, deep relaxation and stress release.


Harmonizes the energies of the Root Chakra (Trust) Sacral Chakra (Creativity) Solar Plexus ( Self Confidence) Heart Chakra (empathy) Throat Chakra (Communication) Third Eye Chakra (Intuition) Crown Chakra.

Bio Energetic Harmony 1 & 2

Promotes the bioenergetic balance of your organs: Immune System, colds, allergies, eyes, hormones, intestines, nerves, flexibility, circulation, menstruation, potency, lungs, thyroid, gastrointestinal, food sensitivities, sciatica, joints, bones, bacteria, prostrate, headaches, liver, tonsils.


Energetic shielding from electromagnetic radiation, protection from planetary disturbances, protection
during sleep, and from geopathic stress.

Healy Program Pages

To get the most out of your Healy Package this video is a short introduction to its program groups

Healy Gold Cycle

The basis of the gold cycle is formed by the three programs Balance, Being and Pure