Science Meets Spirituality

Science Meets Spirituality

Healy is spirituality merged with cutting-edge science and technology. Created by Marcus Schmieke in collaboration with renowned Portuguese Health Practitioner, Nuno Nina, the Healy is a miniature version of the Time Waver frequency technology which has been used in Europe for the past 5 years to treat thousands of patients

The Science

The frequency modulated micro-current used in the applications communicates with the cells using the “language” of frequencies. Thus, one goal of the applications is to counteract the extracellular hyper-acidity and restore natural cell membrane tension.

According to researchers Robert O. Becker and Bjorn Nordenstrom, the causes for almost all diseases are to be found in a disturbed cell membrane tension. Humans are only as healthy as the health of their cells and their ability to communicate with each other and cell health can, therefore, be determined by one simple parameter: the electrical cell membrane voltage.

According to this model, electrical frequencies are the language and the key to cell communication.

The Quantum Sensor

The body can be thought of as a big hard drive that sends and receives information. Each of the different levels of our energetic field holds this information. Healy’s quantum sensor can access this data. It picks up signals and then analyses the information. The information is either coherent ( in alignment with our higher health( or it is not coherent(not in alignment with our higher health).

When we tap into the information field that influences everything we are working at the root causation, not with the symptoms.

Healy is a beautiful little short cut into the mental, emotional, and spiritual-energetic bodies to help clear out the blockages and trauma that can keep you in a disharmonious energy state.


The Healy Differences

This video by Mike Curley offers a fascinating look at the use of frequencies and Quantum Physics, from the perspective of the Eastern and Ayurvedic belief systems. (35 Minutes):

The Effect of Healy Frequencies on Live Blood Cells

in this video you can see the state of the blood cells before and the dramatic improvement after the frequencies were delivered via micro current